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personal - GemStone IV Family Issues

I can't actually remember the first time that I met Huckster Whuid. However I know that he has made a major impression on me.. to the extent that I have dedicated these scrawlings to him.

Looking closely at the emerald, you barely notice what appears to be a tiny halfling waving back at you from atop the cloud

Huckster Whuid is a halfling renowned within the lands as much  for his sense of fun as he is for his work creating silk purses from pigs ears! To refer to him as an alterer however is to minimise his contribution to the lives of those with whom he interacts. He is, to my mind at least, one of the most loved personalities within the lands, whose announced arrivals at events are always hotly anticipated. He has the ability to control the element of wind and uses this to herald his arrival and also to playfully reek havoc on those who require a little admonishment. His games of Whuid and Seek are legendary, his giggle infectious, his work exemplary and his admirers plentiful. These pages are littered with examples of my own personal interaction with Whuid. One of the most memorable has to be the modification of a gem that glows when he is about... not alas a unique item these days - which is totally my own fault - but never-the-less a most cherished one. So loved is this item that I keep it within a container, within a container, have registered it, marked it as unsellable and give it an occasional rub to remind myself that he is never far away.

You remove a cloud-etched emerald from in your battered case.

Looking closely at the emerald, you barely notice what appears to be a tiny halfling waving back at you from atop the cloud.

The emerald pulsates briefly once again.

Huckster Whuid Description

You see Huckster Whuid.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He is tiny and appears to be very young. He has brooding crystal blue eyes and olive skin. He has cropped, unruly auburn hair. He has a weathered face and a pronounced jawline.
He is wearing a broad-brimmed red felt hat, a crystal amulet, a rich purple woolen backpack, a sleeveless beaded leather tunic, a tasselled beadwork pouch, some royal purple wool trousers, and a pair of felt-lined shoes.

However be aware that this is one of many physical appearances for Whuid. His appearance reflects his mood, so don't be surprised to see a young halfling one day and a wizened one the next.

[Bremerial seated on Mist Harbor Eastern shores - Eastern Harbor, Sandy Peninsula -  waiting for Whuid.] -   Graphic was created by Designsbyeve. CLICK TO EXPAND!
~ click on picture to expand ~

Ten 'Interesting' Facts about Whuid

Whuid - Defining Statements

Whuid and Bremerial Interaction

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