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Assess risk
personal - GemStone IV HIGHMAN GAMES 5010


- Ebon Gate 5109 -

- Krystanne's and Caleanon's Wedding 5109 -

- Highman Games 5110 -

- Grawood Festival 5110 -

- Mist Harbor Eastern Harbor Street Festival 5110 -

- Ebon Gate 5110 -

- Zifku's Vodka Drinking Game 5111 -

- Droughtman's Challenge 5111 -
             Challenger's view
             Best Heckles
             Key Moments

- Mist Harbor Anthem Ceremony 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5111 -

- Ebon Gate 5112 -

- The wedding of Erienne and Nordred -

- Highman Games 5113 -

- Gweniveer and Japhrimel Wedding 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5113 -

- River's Rest Pickle Festival 5114 -

- River Rest Pickle Festival 5115 -

Caber Toss Competition

On Feastday, day 6 of the month Fashanos in the year 5110 I made my way back from Wehnimers Landing to compete in the caber toss compeition. I arrived with over three hours to spare to commence perfecting my technique. I was not the first to arrive however. Also seated there were Alisis, Laphrael, Great Lady Rendena, Sir Morgiest, Frorin who is sitting, High Lord Baelog. We exchanged plesantries, bashed forearms, disparaged elves and then began to practice.

Morgiest provided some musical accompanyment as we threw our cabers. At first he began with a dirge but upon request, commenced a marching song that summoned the blood!

Morgiest's fingers dance along with the pipes, drawing out an echoing moan of despair.
Before the echo of the last mournful notes of the fade, Morgiest presses against the bagpipes with him elbow, bringing forth a low murmur of sound.

Speaking softly to Morgiest, you say, "When I next through would you be able to play an upbeat marching song?"

Morgiest finishes the verse of the song then moves on to the next, modulating the bagpipes's tone to create a quiet bridge between the two.
Morgiest urges on the beat of the bagpipes, echoing notes around the reverberating rattle of hundreds of marching feet.

Pre Match Banter

Caber Toss Referee Aniessa just arrived at some modwir benches a short distance away.

You see Caber Toss Referee Aniessa Andrews.
She appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
She is shorter than average and appears to be in the prime of life. She has striking sky blue eyes and fair skin.
She has lightly curled, bobbed auburn hair scattered with warm red tones and rich honey blonde highlights.
She has delicately arched eyebrows and well-defined cheekbones.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a heavily boned plum moire silk corset, a small varnished cherrywood case, a well-crafted black leather sheath adorned with various bones and fangs, a pair of wide-legged black cotton breeches, and a pair of tall black pointed-toe boots.

Aniessa smiles.
Sharanna softly says, "I think I make a better audience member than I do competitor."
Morgiest deeply says, "Best score outta 5, er 10, er 20, er wute'er is lot different then best outta one toss."
Sharanna chuckles.
You smile at Aniessa.
Aniessa asks, "Who is planning to compete later?"
Baelog deeply says, "I am."
Aniessa exclaims, "I shall be running the contest!"
Speaking softly to Frorin, you say, "The referee is here - get the bribe ready."
Morgiest smiles at Aniessa.
Aniessa snickers.
Speaking softly to Morgiest, Sharanna says, "My highest score is 33. I think I'll just watch the competition."
You chuckle.
Speaking softly to Aniessa, you say, "Definitely competing."
You nod to Aniessa.
Morgiest deeply asks, "Wut are tha rules fer tha contest?"
Aniessa exclaims, "Good!"
Frorin says, "I'm gonna try. Got my warcry all set."
Sharanna softly asks, "What time is the competition?"
Aniessa says, "Eleven Elven."
You softly say, "Another three hours."
Sharanna softly says, "Oh well that settles it. I will be sleeping."
Aniessa says, "We're planning on having a qualifying round first."
Morgiest deeply asks, "Wut ah mean, is does ever'un jes git one try? Er does ever'un git a set number o' tries, er is it timed?"
Speaking to Aniessa, Frorin asks, "Got any pointers fer us?"
Sharanna softly says, "I think you should outlaw surge."
Speaking softly to Sharanna, you say, "If it's any comsolation I don't stand a chance WITH surge."
Sharanna grins at you.
Aniessa smirks.
Frorin gazes with interest at Aniessa.
Baelog deeply asks, "How many throws do ye have?"
Speaking softly to Aniessa, you say, "Will be be able to leave the field to get healed - assuming we have more than 1 throw each."
Aniessa says, "I'll have to consult with another referee about herbs."
Aniessa says, "I think spell would be unfair."
Aniessa says, "Any giant or dwarf that wants to compete in the qualifying round can, and then the ten best scores across the board will compete in the final."
Frorin says, "Cept droit don't channel his inner strength."
Morgiest deeply asks, "How many tries ye git durin tha qualifyin round?"
Aniessa says, "One."
You softly say, "Qualifying round is a knock-out round."
Morgiest deeply asks, "Little undah three 'ours frum now aye?"
Aniessa says, "yes."
Morgiest deeply says, "Gud, Little undah three 'ours give me long nuff tae git a gud drunk on fer this."
Morgiest nods sagely.
Speaking to Frorin, Aniessa exclaims, "Well done ont he shield slalom!"
Frorin stands up.
Frorin says, "Thanks I didn't miss not one obstacle all deh way down."
Aniessa blinks.
Aniessa says, "Wow."
Aniessa says, "I was awful at it. Kept losing my concentration. And hitting a low hanging branch."
Morgiest chuckles.
Baelog deeply asks, "One toss gets ya in, and the best toss wins?"
Aniessa says, "Five per field, ten in the final."
Aniessa exclaims, "The best score wins!"
Baelog deeply says, "Hm."
You softly say, "How many fields are there - haven't counted."
Frorin says, "Five I think."
Morgiest deeply asks, "So herbs, an no other majiks er aids allowed?"
You softly say, "So if more than 25 wanna compete, some are gonna be disappointed."
Morgiest deeply asks, "Or are herbs gunna be allowed?"
Frorin asks, "Yeh gonna give it ah go Sir Morgiest?"
Speaking softly to Morgiest, you say, "The jury iss out on herbs and healing I think - if no herbs, I can certainly lighten my pockets a little."
Morgiest deeply says, "Reckon ah kin give it a go."
Morgiest nods to you.
Morgiest deeply says, "Same 'ere."
Aniessa says, "I'll consult with another referee, and make sure everyone is aware of the rules before the competition."
Aniessa exclaims, "No one is getting close to Droit though!"
Frorin says, "Droit still be tossin logs in his platemail if I hadn't coached em."
Morgiest deeply says, "Nae. Droit is in a league o' 'is own. 'opefully 'e oversleeps."
Morgiest smirks.
Aniessa laughs!

---------HIGH SCORES
-------- Droit ****** 111
-------- Eleighna **** 70
-------- Morgiest *** 64
-------- Valicar ***** 63
-------- Baelog ***** 60
-------- Aniessa **** 59
-------- Glatt ****** 56
-------- Frorin ***** 52
-------- Roblar ***** 51
-------- Bremerial *** 51

Speaking softly to Frorin, you say, "I am hanging onto that score board by my fingertips."
I like tah yell caber toss when I get tah throw."
Aniessa exclaims, "I shall be back in a couple of hours!"
You softly say, "Let a woman show you how it should be done."
Frorin says, "See yehs den."
You nod to Aniessa.
Morgiest faces Aniessa and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.
Aniessa renders a sharp hand salute.
Frorin grunts in farewell.
Caber Toss Referee Aniessa just strode purposefully over to some modwir benches a short distance away.
With a sudden flash of insight, you realize you now understand more of what you have experienced.....


It took about two and a half hours of solid caber practice before the announcment of the qualifying rounds.
Highman Aniessa just arrived at some modwir benches a short distance away.
Aniessa waves.
Aniessa says, "If everyone could hold off actually tossing the caber now until we start, that would be great."
Speaking softly to Aniessa, you ask, "Get enough sleep to referee?"
Aniessa grins at you.
Speaking to you, Aniessa exclaims, "I hope so!"
Speaking softly to Aniessa, you say, "The only words ye need to remember are 'Congratulations Bremerial'."
You nod to Aniessa.
Artoriosdemer grins at you.
Aniessa asks, "Could everyone clear out to the benches for a moment please?"
go bench
Highman Keffan just arrived.
Speaking to Guarrin, Keffan exclaims, "Play us a jaunty tune fer the qualifyin!".
Guarrin nods to Keffan.
Guarrin finishes the verse and moves to a bridge, a skirl of falling notes
Guarrin slides his fingers over the bagpipes, improvising a jaunty bridge.
Baelog deeply says, "Welp, basically every Giant I know be here."
Keffan grins at Baelog.
Guarrin touches his bagpipes, launching into a foot-tapping melody.
Morgiest touches his bagpipes, launching into a foot-tapping melody.
Keffan says, "Soon as we get everyone out of the fields, I'll make some announcements."
Keffan exclaims, "Ah, twin pipers!"
Keffan beams!
Keffan exclaims, "Touches my heart, it does!"
Keffan smiles happily.
Misun quietly asks, "Aren't they great?"
Misun glances between Morgiest and Guarrin.
Highman Aniessa's group just arrived.
Aniessa turns towards Keffan and renders a sharp hand salute.
A crier strolls by, calling out in a loud, deep voice, "If you wish to compete in the Caber Toss, proceed to the fields now! Qualifying rounds will start soon!"
Droit says, "I've a favor to ask everyone. Would ye care if i got to go early on? I may not be able to stick around for the entire thing"
Ragnulv says, "Judging by your earlier scores, I'm not si sure that's wise."
Ragnulv whistles tunelessly to himself.
Speaking to Droit, Keffan says, "Unfortunately, if yer nay here for the entire event, we may have ta disqualify ye."
Droit stares off into space.
Droit says, "Thats not what i wanted to hear."
Aniessa asks, "How many folks do we have who are planning to compete?"
Frorin raises his hand.
Roblar taps himself on the chest.
Morgiest raises his hand.
You raise your hand.
Rendena raises her hand.
Roblar grunts.
Speaking to Morgiest, Keffan says, "We'll try ta get the games goin quickly, but he'll have ta be here for the entire event."
Baelog raises his hand.
Ragnulv raises his hand.
Wompem raises his hand.
Droit raises his hand.
Guarrin raises his hand.
Jeafwsian raises his hand.
Morgiest nods to Keffan.
Keffan recites:

"I've an announcment about rules, so listen up!"

Keffan recites:
"Ye may NOT use any spells for the competition, but ye may use herbs ta heal. Nay empath healin. Ye CAN use combat maneuvers, but NOT symbols nor signs."

Baelog deeply exclaims, "Question!" Baelog raises his hand.
Baelog deeply asks, "Wha' about worn enhancives?"
Keffan recites:

"Remove any enhancin items ye might be wearin."

{{There is a mass clanking and clicking as fold remove enhancive items}}

Aniessa recites:
"Alright! For the qualifying rounds, we'll split you in to two groups."

Aniessa recites:
"Then the most impressive of you will compete in the final!"

Keffan recites:
"I'll officiate one group. Aniessa the other."

Keffan recites:
"Ye'll each get one round."

Speaking to Aniessa, Keffan says, "Pick six."
Aniessa says, "The best ten scores will compete in the final."
Keffan nods to Aniessa.
You ask, "Can I go get some herbs?"
Keffan says, "Run get herbs, aye."
Aniessa snickers.

{{I rush to get some herbs and then go to the field where my group are waiting.}}


[Jirkirl's Hilltop, Caber Toss]
Scraped clean of snow all the way down to dirt level, a long narrow lane is delineated by long stripes of white paint set with white-painted pebbles. A chasm lies at the far end of the runway, and a row of yellow warning flags has been hammered into the ground about two giantman-strides short of its edge. You also see a scoreboard, some cedar benches a short distance away, a caber toss referee and a newly-painted sign. Also here: Great Lady Rendena, Ragnulv, Jeafwsian, High Lord Baelog
Obvious paths: none

Highman Keffan just arrived at some cedar benches a short distance away.

Keffan exclaims, "Let's go!"
Keffan grins.
Keffan says, "Whoever grabs a log first."
Keffan grins.
Keffan folds his arms over his chest.

{{I grab the caber first and make a start.}}

Baelog deeply exclaims, "Go get 'em Bremerial!"
Ragnulv says, "Good luck, Bremerial."

[Total modified roll = 262]
You dredge the back of your throat for some meaty phlegm and bring a gob to the tip of your tongue. You expertly shape the gob into a perfect missile and fire it straight up into the air!
You catch the glob of spittle with your left hand!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Baelog deeply says, "You got this Bremerial. Jus' focus."
{{I take my throws and then a caber toss referee nods and says, "Not a bad round, I'll say it's worth about 37 points."
Keffan glances over at you and winces.
You softly say, "Darn it - bad bad bad."
You stand back up.
You softly say, "Did better in practice."
You chuckle.
You softly say, "Ahhh well."
-------- HIGH SCORES
-------- Bremerial ***** 37
Keffan applauds you.
You softly exclaim, "Hey one good thing! I am top of the leader board!!"
Keffan grins at you.
You chuckle.
Baelog starts chortling.

My competitors take their throws with the following results.

Ragnulv - Score of 32
Jeafwsian - Score of 52
Baelog - Score of 60
Rendena - Score of 32
Ulaahn - Score of 23
Snowrok - Score of 32
Renaden- Score of 48

Keffan says, "Let's head over to the benches by their field."
Speaking deeply to you, Renaden says, "I'll try and win the competetion for ya."
Renaden grins at you.
You grin.
Greata snickers at you!

{{We make our way to the benches}}

Keffan says, "We got scores of 60, 52, 48, 37, 32, and 23."
Alifair says, "Decent."
Alifair says, "We have two tied for 72 here."
Keffan grins.
Keffan recites:
"Qualifiers are as follows!"

Keffan recites:
"Droit, Guarrin, Morgiest, Baelog, Jeafwsian, Renaden, Frorin, Bremerial, Rendena, and Roblar!"

Gwendyn exclaims, "Very well done, everyone! Good show!"
Keffan recites:
"Follow Aniessa's instructions!"

{{We make our way to the caber field for the final showdown
[Jirkirl's Hilltop, Caber Toss]
Scraped clean of snow all the way down to dirt level, a long narrow lane is delineated by long stripes of white paint set with white-painted pebbles. A chasm lies at the far end of the runway, and a row of yellow warning flags has been hammered into the ground about two giantman-strides short of its edge. You also see a scoreboard, some modwir benches a short distance away, a caber toss referee and a newly-painted sign. Also here: Jeafwsian, Lord Renaden, Guarrin, Sir Morgiest, High Lord Baelog, Frorin, Lord Roblar, Great Lady Rendena, Highman Olafenst, Highman Aniessa
Obvious paths: none

{{There is a brief discussion about the rules.}}

Aniessa exclaims, "Okay, lets get started!"
Aniessa exclaims, "Guarrin first!"
Keffan applauds.
Keffan grins.

{{We begin to take our respective turns with encouragement from the sidelines. After about 90 minutes of throwing all competitors have completed their final round with the following scores: }}

--------- HIGH SCORES
--------- Baelog **** 67
--------- Roblar **** 59
--------- Guarrin **** 56
--------- Morgiest *** 50
--------- Renaden **** 47
--------- Rendena **** 47
--------- Wompem **** 46
--------- Bremerial **** 43
--------- Frorin ****** 40
--------- Jeafwsian **** 37

Aniessa recites:
Your winners are: In first place with 67: Baelog! In second place with 59: Roblar and in third place with 56: Guarrin!"

Wompem applauds.
You applaud.
Renaden applauds.
Frorin turns to Guarrin and cheers!
You let out a cheer!
Rendena lets out a cheer!
Frorin lets out a cheer!
Roblar breaks out in a triumphant grin.
Frorin yells, "CABERS TOSSED!"
Renaden grins at Frorin.
Keffan begins chuckling at Frorin!
(OOC) Aniessa's player whispers, "You have been awarded the unique post name title of Caber Toss Master! Type TITLE LIST UNIQUE to see it!"
Aniessa exclaims, "Prizes will be given out on Monday night!"

I left the field invigorated despite my exertions. I walked to Wehnimers to undertake some more forging activity, returning a few hours later to practice some tug of war and to enter the drinking competition

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