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personal - GemStone IV POST CAP SCROLLS

Post Cap Scrolls - Inner Thoughts

Picture of candles and scroll

Post Cap Diary - Volume 8  Post Cap Diary - Volume 9  Post Cap Diary - Volume 10   

[Bremerial's Room - dark alcove]
You walk through the curtain and find yourself in an alcove illuminated by a single candle resting on a shelf. As your eyes become accustomed to the dim room you notice a series of scrolls hanging from hooks on the wall. Above them is a sign saying "Post Cap Logs - Inner Thoughts". 

Obvious exits: out

Competition Deadlines - 03 June 2010

I love entering the competitions that are advertised on the forum. Lets face it, I am never going to pay $39.00 or whatever it is these days for premium subscription. And as such I am never going to have access to all those lovely alterations that seem to be inextricably linked to that subscription. However entering competitions gives me access to another way in, so to speak. I put my gray cells to work, meet the judging criteria for a competition and bob's your uncle! I win a potential alteration.

I have nothing against the competitions. However I have not entered one competition recently where I didn't have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for the results. It's really is annoying how we have to wait for months for a damn result. I know that people will have other commitments but come on now... two months wait is just not acceptable! There should be some standard set.

Now THAT might concentrate the mind a little!

Training V Age - 15 June 2010

It took me ages to work out that age and training were not the same thing. Had I realised that before then perhaps I would have had Brem at a slightly older age... but no matter. I think there should be an 'age' amnesty - a chance for all those numb nuts like me, who didn't quite understand the ramifications of setting the age when that first became an option, to reset the age. I appreciate that this might have a short term impact on role playing, especially is all the venerable old codgers suddenly become feisty young snot nose snerts. But it would be a great thing if it happened. I'm sure I'm not the only dumbo in the lands that didn't know what they were doing when they set the age of their character!

Premium Cost - 09 August 2010

I've bitten the bullet and joined the ranks of the high tax payers. Am now paying $39.00 instead of $14.00 per month on the Brem account. I have to say that Thwandie has a lot to do with it. She's pretty damn good at enticing folk in. Not sure if I'd have bothered if it wasn't for her. Having had a stroll around, I think I don't think I'll regret my decision.

Mist Harbor - 13 August 2010

Wow. Shows how much I pay attention. There's a Summer Festival in Mist Harbor. And it coincides with time off I am having from work. Well blow me down and call me Hector! What a good time to get premium subscription. Having said that, it probably looks like I got it for the festival. LOL. Oh well, I can't help what it looks like. I am definitely going to participate in festival activities!!

My creation lives! - 16 August 2010

I entered a competition to create a tent for mist harbor a while back. Imagine my pleasure at seeing the tent in all it's glory!

[Eastern Harbor, Approach]
Wide cobblestone steps fall in a gentle progression from the white picket fence that separates Mist Harbor proper from the Eastern Harbor to the streets below. Following the curve and contrast of the winding stairs are tile-inlaid planters, the vibrant vegetation filling them displayed in a rainbow pattern. Lamp posts wrought in the image of shepherd's crooks, their quiescent windows glinting in the sunlight, are evenly spaced amid the plants. You also see a festive cloth-topped table festooned with ribbons and shells with some stuff on it, a beribboned grey wicker basket and a raven-hued angular tent.

Look at tent

The dark canvas tent is decorated with a simple spiral design comprised of three painted lines twisting around the tent frame and culminating in the image of a painted tankard. A flickering glow emanates from a jagged gash in the canvas.

go tent

[The Brewery]
The room is brightly lit by the many torches set on long metal poles planted in the ground at regular intervals along the tent walls. The flickering light casts shadows on a rickety table that stands near the back of the open space. Near the center of the room, a dusty case rests beside an overturned sturdy crate on a rough woolen rug. Laden with the scent of tropical flowers, a moist, island breeze wafts through the area from a jagged gash in the tent wall.

Look at Crate.

The blackened oak crate is strong enough to support a number of heavy items on its upturned surface. Horizontal, reinforcing strips along the frame provide additional stability.

Look on crate

On the sturdy crate you see a carved table leg, a mahogany table leg, a cracked battering maul, a heavy steel sledgehammer, a light modwir mallet, a chipped yellow brick, an oversized ovular granite brick and a copper-bound black stone brick.

Look at table

The cracked modwir surface is laden with drinking vessels. The table is supported by a central plinth that branches out to form four uneven supporting feet. A rough wooden tray sits in the center of the table, offering beverages for sale.

Look on table

On the rickety table you see a dark-veined crystal flagon, a green porcelain stein, a tarnished copper mug, a polished silver tankard, a red mithril flagon, an engraved imflass stein, a blackened silver mug and a blued steel tankard.

l on tray

On the wooden tray you see a carafe of dandelion wine, a mug of cold wheat beer, a stein of rich honey mead, a bottle of earthy whiskey and a tankard of spiced pumpkin ale.

Look in case

In the dusty case you see a porcelain stein pin, a crystal flagon pin, a silver mug pin, an invar tankard pin, a modwir goblet pin, an ivory drinking-horn pin, a haon-carved bottle pin and a gold hip-flask pin.

Look at case

The dusty battered case is open, revealing a number of small items. Indentations and scratches mar the leather surface.

Learning New Things - 10 September 2010

I have to say that I am still learning new things about the game. I didn't know that:

Pick me! Pick me! - 13 March 2011

The Droughtman's Challenge is on at the moment. It's $30.00 a pop to have a go, but to be quite honest, I get so relatively few chances to do things like this - due to timings - that I am more than prepared to pay $300.00 for ten sessions of the maze game. To be honest it's not the prizes at the end that are enticing so much as the chance to do something really fun, at a time which is great for me in the UK. I was frustrated at first in my efforts to be a blocker but have managed it twice now.

Bath House Room! - 26 March 2011

It's been submitted that one of the rooms in the bathhouse in Wehnimer has been designed by me. Yee haw.

[Stone Baths, The Simple Oak]
Spacious and practical, the windowless room is illuminated by a myriad of candles resting upon tiered felwood shelving. A large circular table dominates the center of the room and is surrounded by high-backed wooden chairs. Light flickers on the plush plum carpeting and is reflected onto a comfy bed, nestled against paneled maple walls. A glass-fronted solid oak dresser occupies the space beneath one of the shelves. You also see a lacquered oak door

Table: The solid oak table has a large circular surface with an engraved image of thrown dice within its center. The sleek, veneered surfacing and mid-tone lacquer enhances the rich swirling grain. The table is supported by an ornately carved pedestal which expands at the base to form four supporting feet.

Bed: The frame of the solid oak bed rests firmly on the carpet, digging into the surface. Shapes of roses in their varying stages of blossoming are carved into knotted-oak bedposts. A hand embroidered coverlet with a thistle motif rests upon a thick cotton mattress, partially covering a sheet-draped bolster.

>push cov
You push the coverlet out to the edges, smoothing out any wrinkles.
>pull cov

You pull the coverlet tightly across the bed, smoothing out any wrinkles

Chair: The seats are a solid oak, timber frame construction with a fine veneer finish. The planked seats and high panelled backs are supported by study legs. Seat cushions with crewl-worked floral patterns nestle between turned, spindled arm supports.

>go chair
You walk over to the chair and with a satisfying sigh, throw yourself down upon its soft cushions.

Dresser: The solid oak dresser is supported by four simple, angular feet. Two drawers are set above a larger compartment. The compartment is fronted by hinged glass doors with brass-plated, loop handles. The glass is decorated with a delicate butterfly motif.

Door: The solid oak door has a natural oiled finish and is adorned with simple, carved floral flourishes around the frame. A dull brass handle sits above a wooden latch.

>unlatch door
You unlatch a lacquered oak door.
>open door
You open a lacquered oak door.
>close door
You close a lacquered oak door.
>latch door
You latch a lacquered oak door.

Timing frustration - 11 August 2011

I know that Gemstone is a US game but it is frustrating that many of the raffles are not at a time to allow me to participate. On a good note, I've learned that such a thing as a bandolier exists which allows me to attempt another method of attack training - throwing! Will be 2014 or 15 before that is perfected.

I hate wasted time - 03 September 2011

One of my characters waited for Weepy to undertake some alterations, only to be told that she'd selected her allotted customers already. To be perfectly honest, I was totally p'd off. Merchants have an uncanny knack of making me angry and frustrated. I blame myself. I got sucked in and should have known better! I will try not to make the same mistake again!

Ebon Gate 2011 - 16 October 2011

I normally love this event but the prospect of paying for an event where a lot of the fun stuff takes place when I am sleeping or when raffle drawers require me to be awake at god forsaken times in the morning, does not appeal to me. I did try to get time off work to attend but this does not look possible. That way at least, I could have altered by sleep patterns a little. I think I'll just consider this a $110.00 saving and see if there is a significant change for 2012. I will miss the drinking game though.

Premium Contests - 28 November 2011

I wrote a little commentary which I hope will be seen as useful. It was part question, part offer for ideas regarding the premium contest. I do love these contests and the prospect of them being reduced from a monthly contest to once every two months is a sad one. If the players can do something to help get these back to once ever month then that would be great. Or perhaps it just needs a modification to the contests. Will see it the comments get any official response.

Permanent Markers - 17 September 2012

I know it's slightly pathetic but love the fact that there's a permanent reminder of Bremerial in the lands.

l plaq
The surface of the plaque is polished to a dull shine, allowing the neatly engraved wording to stand out, dark against the shiny background. The beveled edges are accented with black, complementing the writing and further accentuating the contents of the plaque.

Read Plaque
There appears to be something written on itIn the Common language, it reads:

This plaque honors the generous contributors to the museum's renovation project of 5111.
The following individuals each donated at least one million silvers:

The following organizations also donated significant funds:
The Black Wolves
Dreadnaught Alliance
Moonshine Manor
House Sylvanfair
House Arcane

We thank everyone for their kind support!

Need more happening - 09 February 2013

I have to say that im a bit bored with the game at the moment. I just want something to area... new storyline. *sigh* The game just seems a bit stagnant at the moment. (Notable exception is Kenstrom who keeps things ticking over in Wehnimers.) Also, I've submitted a fair bit of work and nothing seems to come of it. Its a bit disheartening to be perfectly honest. I am considering putting Bremerial on the backburner for a year. At least there will be some excitement catching up with what I've missed. Will see what happens.

Ebon Gate Disappointment - 26 October 2013

I think I have attended EG for 5 consecutive years in one guise or another. But not this year. I worked on my deathly dirges poem for two months only to find that it wasn't taking place. To say I was p'd off was an understatement and I decided to protest by not going. One of the strange things is that I didn't even miss going! This is the first year I have been on Lnet and listening to people frantically asking where the next raffle is and how to complete the quest made me realise that I am well out of it this year. I will keep my poem for next year perhaps or for another event. But I have no regrets not going. There are things I might have wanted but nothing I needed. So that helps too!

Waste of time submitting work - 01 December 2013

I quite enjoyed the idea of joining Wordsmiths back in the day. When I first joined there seemed to be a lot of communication. It was fun and exciting. But nothing happens. Ive submitted work for consideration and to be perfectly honest, have been fobbed off with a lot of noise and no action. I handed in my resignation a while back but I need to formalise that resignation and self publish my submitted work.

[Post Cap Scroll - IX]

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