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personal - GemStone IV interview with aaysia

Interview with Aaysia

Interview held on Restday, day 16 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5112.


[Golden Helm, Bar]
Two soft horsehide couches are set before a cozy stone hearth. From behind the rosewood bar, a bald giantman grins perpetually. Great hooded candles are set on low tables along the walls, providing a soft, reddish light. On the wood-paneled walls, two paintings are hung next to a great vultite claidhmore. You also see a spotted hound, a curved arch and a basket of sticks.
Obvious exits: none

Aaysia followed.

You giggle.
Aaysia grins.

You say, "Well it has a bar."

You adjust your kit, preparing it to become a keg.
You extend a set of narrow legs from under the wooden keg and carefully place your keg on the floor, setting it up as a table.
Aaysia spends some time haggling with Gerby.

Aaysia asks, "What's your poison?"

You remove the dark Araime ale on top of the wooden keg.
You carefully pour a little bit of chocolate brown liquid from your dark Araime ale into the bone cup.

Aaysia asks, "You have your own concoction huh?"

You chuckle.
Aaysia just went over and threw herself down on the couches.

You say, "Indeed."

You walk over to the couches and with a satisfying sigh, throw yourself down upon its soft cushions.
Aaysia takes a drink from her 75 year old cognac.

You say, "Many variations - but one theme. Ale!

You cackle!
Aaysia giggles.

Aaysia says, "Ale is alright. I'm not really partial, though I can appreciate a good liquer or wine."

You smile at Aaysia.

You say, "Thanks for making the time."

Aaysia says, "Oh its my pleasure. When I found out you did this I got so excited."

Aaysia laughs!
You grin.

You say, "Hey the more the merrier. Good record for posterity for all other warriors too."

A spotted hound wanders in.
You pet the hound.

Aaysia asks, "Have you interviewed a lot of warriors on Teras itself?"

You say, "A fair few - but many others still to be interviewed. And I have travelled to meet warriors who could not make it here. Worth the journey."

You nod slowly.

Aaysia says, "Oh that's nice. helps to be accessible."

You agree with Aaysia.

Aaysia says, "Ok I'll hush and let you ask the questions now."

Aaysia snickers.
You take a drink from your bone cup.
You giggle.

You say, "Ok first question. What is your name and how many times would you say you have visited the trainer."

You say, "Your full name of course."

Aaysia says, "Ah. Aaysia Susperia."

Aaysia says, "And I've met the trainer enough... I don't think I need to see him again."

Aaysia grins impishly.
A spotted hound perks its ears sharply and lets out a momentary, low growl.
A spotted hound leans down and licks your face.
You chuckle.
You nod.

You perkily say, "Sounds like you and he - or is it she - have a good relationship."

You grin at Aaysia.
A spotted hound leans down and licks Aaysia's face.
Aaysia nods in agreement.

You say, "Different trainers for different folk - mine is a bossy female dwarf."

You cackle!
Aaysia grins.

You say, "How long have you wandered the lands."

Aaysia cocks her head.

Aaysia says, "Around 10 years I think."

Aaysia furrows her brow.

Aaysia says, "Yeah that's about right."

You say, "Memory fades for me too at times."

You nod.
The hound wags his tail happily as Aaysia pets him.
The hound wags his tail and laps at your face as you pet him.

You say, "What hunting style do you opt for."

Aaysia says, "I used to weild a claidh like the best of 'em, but now I use lances. I would switch back because I miss my claidh a lot. But its hard to give up charge."

You grin.

Aaysia says, "Its so... sexy."

Aaysia sighs.

You say, "Well that's a good enough reason."

You amusedly say, "And I defy anyone to say differently."

You grin at Aaysia.

You ask, "What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Aaysia says, "I spend most of my time hunting. I love it. If I come back a corpse, I make a deal with Lorminstra, go over my mistakes and try again. If I come back with no scratches its boring."

You chuckle at Aaysia.

Aaysia says, "Bloodied and half near death is best."

Speaking happily to Aaysia, you exclaim, "My kind of warrior!"

You raise your bone cup in a toast!
Aaysia turns to you and cheers!

You ask, "What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Aaysia says, "Oh that's hard."

Aaysia says, "I have fond memories of a lot of hunting areas. But my friends are the ones that make them memorable. I would say Thanotoph, Darkstone, fire mages, and the rift are my top favourites."

You nod at Aaysia.

You smile at Aaysia.

You say, "Friends can make the difference, it's true. And they help to build the memories."

Aaysia nods in agreement to you.

Aaysia says, "Definitely."

You say, "So, What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands." Aaysia says, "Obliterating creatures with my friends. Hands down."

You cackle!

Aaysia says, "Socializing has its perks too."

You say, "Oh my - we are soul mates, I swear."

You grin at Aaysia.
Aaysia giggles at you.
You giggle.

Aaysia says, "We should go out hunting together soon then."

You agree with Aaysia.

You exclaim, "Two warriors together - they wouldn't stand a chance!"

Aaysia adopts an agreeable expression.
You take a drink from your bone cup.
You lean back.

Aaysia says, "We are pretty great."

You adopt an agreeable expression.

You say, "Ok next question.."

You say, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why."

Aaysia says, "You ask tough questions with no clear cut answer."

Aaysia grins at you.

Aaysia says, "I have had different people over the years that I gazed in awe at."

You listen carefully to Aaysia.

You lean against the couches, taking a momentary rest.

Aaysia says, "In the years just starting out at the guild, I thought Madmountan was everything there is to be in a warrior. Xrothgar was very impressive as well."

You beam happily at Aaysia!
You nod.

You say, "I remember them and having similar thoughts..."

Aaysia says, "And while it showed that they had so much knowledge and experience to share, the fact that they took the time to impart it to lil me was the thing that impressed me most."

Aaysia says, "Syberus Blackmagic (sorcerer) is another."
Aaysia says, "He is very powerful, but manages to stay humble about it."
Aaysia says, "Even when leading groups into battle in many invasions past."
Aaysia says, "And of course Jemiqiuist, my love. Very few bards have managed to make an impression on me. His fighting style was so versatile I saw him as an equal on the field."
Aaysia says, "I could go on but I'll leave it there."

Aaysia grins.

Speaking to Aaysia, you say, "I don't think I know Jemiquisit but the bard sounds impressive."

Aaysia asks, "Have you ever met Archales?"

You nod at Aaysia.

You say, "Aye."

Aaysia says, "They're brothers."

You say, "Ahhh. Small world!"

Aaysia grins.
You grin.

Aaysia says, "Arch has come very far. I'm sure he's surpassed Jemi."
Aaysia says, "I haven't seen him in a while."

You say, "Well not kept track of Arch's development per se, but has helped me on occasion. Can't remember if we ever hunted together though."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Aaysia says, "He's the sweetest person, very helpful."

Aaysia smiles.
You agree with Aaysia.
You say, "Ok then, how about this question. What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Aaysia says, "Hrm."
Aaysia says, "The moment that I felt like I found home."
Aaysia says, "When Gothique, my mother, formally adopted and added her name to mine."

You beam!

Aaysia says, "Before that I was always searching for acceptance. So now that I found it here, I'm at peace with myself

You smile at Aaysia.

You say, "It is good to be accepted into a family."

Aaysia agrees with you.

You say, "Lot to be said for familial support and love."

Aaysia says, "Oh definitely, little can compare."

You ask, "Then conversely, What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?"

Aaysia says, "Heh. That one is easy."
Aaysia says, "It was hearing of the death of my first love, Artesh. Because of that I vowed never to go back to Vaalor again. too many bad memories..."

Aaysia waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Aaysia says, "Well not really bad memories."

Aaysia ponders.

Aaysia says, "But the reminder of the good ones, and what we could have had would be too painful."

You understandingly say, "Sorry to have asked that now.."

Aaysia says, "I took a very long time to come to terms with that. It's alright now."

You nod at Aaysia.

Aaysia says, "If you asked me 7 years ago I probably would have bawled all over the place."

Aaysia grins weakly.

You say, "Glad I didn't then."

You take a drink from your bone cup.
Aaysia nods in agreement to you.

You say, "Time is a great healer."

Aaysia says, "Crying warriors don't make good impressions."

Aaysia laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Speaking to Aaysia, you say, "If you tell anyone I used that platitude I will deny it."

You cackle at Aaysia.

Aaysia says, "Deal."

Aaysia shakes your hand.

You say, "And ye right about crying warriors."
You say, "Although I have been known to giggle and squeal in my time."

You touch one finger to your lips.

Aaysia says, "Oh I giggle all the time!"

Aaysia waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Aaysia giggles.

You chuckle.
You snicker.

Aaysia says, "That doesn't make me less deadly."
Aaysia says, "And I'll challenge anyone who says otherwise."

Aaysia nods firmly.
You adopt an agreeable expression.

You say, "Ok for an upbeat question. What advice would you give to a new warrior?"

Aaysia says, "Don't do what I did and try to do everything at once."

Aaysia smirks.
You grin.
Aaysia says, "I attempted to lockpick, cast spells, and swing a sword and board when only visiting the trainer 5 times. And I swore I knew what I was doing better than he."

You cackle!
Aaysia giggles.
You smirk.

Aaysia says, "Its alright to seek advice. Most folk would be willing to give it. And I would also add to cherish the time in the guild. Its what gives you an appreciation for your profession"

You say, "Excellent advice - advice that other professions could stand to listen to also."

Aaysia says, "The Guild builds a core sense of loyalty, comraderie."

You say, "I do so love the guild."

Aaysia says, "So do I."

You say, "Alas here, it is underutilised. Perhaps most here have attained their skills."

Aaysia says, "Perhaps... I also have to remember when I'm around to offer."

Aaysia blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.

You say, "I am quick to offer when asked but not to ask if I am needed."

Aaysia adopts an agreeable expression.

Aaysia says, "That's my common mistake too."

You say, "Perhaps there is a lesson for us all."

You nod at Aaysia.

Aaysia says, "I will definitely try to offer more."

You say, "As will I. ok penultimate question. If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

Aaysia wrinkles her nose.

Aaysia says, "Don't think so. If I didn't do it the way I did it, I wouldn't have made the friends I made. The experiences that I had, both good and bad helped shaped me to what I am today. And I'm proud of who that is."

You say, "Ye know, I think you are one of the few to say that."

You say, "I like that."

You nod at Aaysia.
Aaysia grins.

You say, "Ok."

You take a drink from your bone cup.

You say, "Last question."

Aaysia turns an inquisitive ear toward you.
Aaysia takes a drink from her 75 year old cognac.
You say, "And this is a general one - a free for all I might say. Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Aaysia says, "Just that I'm an open person. So if you see me around and you need guild help, or anything else that I can help with at the time, feel free to ask. I'll probably be happy to do it."
Aaysia says, "Oh."
Aaysia says, "And I'm also a proud member of the Drunken Defenders of the Rock."
Aaysia says, "But I should have said that when introducing myself in the first place."

Aaysia snickers.

You chuckle.

You say, "No no - save the best to last - that was your strategy."

You grin at Aaysia.
Aaysia touches one finger to her lips.

You say, "Well it just leaves me to thank you for your time."

Aaysia exclaims, "Oh this was fun!"

Aaysia applauds.

You say, "It's been a great pleasure talking to you."

You beam happily at Aaysia!

Aaysia says, "You too."

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