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personal - GemStone IV interview with Beinifien

Interview with Beinifien

Interview held on  Feastday, day 4 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5110.


[Beinifien and Bremerial enter the Adventurers' Rest, Deck on teras Isle]

Beinifien says, "Ready when you are."

You softly say, "Ok thanks for agreeing to this."

Beinifien says, "Not a problem, I have read a couple of your interviews so I am honored."

Beinifien grins at you.

You softly say, "As ye may know it's a set number of questions to keep it consistent."

Beinifien says, "I am definately considered unique."

Beinifien grins at you.

You softly say, "So to start."

You shift your weight.

You softly say, "What's ye name - how do you like to be called."

A light breeze filters through the hedges, carrying the unusual aroma of pine blended with ash.

Beinifien says, "I am Beinifien Do'ulness of the Faendryl."

You softly ask, "Any abbreviations to that?"

Beinifien says, "Most people just call me Beinifien... sometimes bench {{private joke}}."

Beinifien gazes up into the heavens.

You grin.

You softly ask, "How many times have you visited the trainer?"

Beinifien says, "71 times."

You softly say, "So you are a familiur face to him for sure."

You nod to Beinifien.
Beinifien nods to you.

You softly ask, "I think you have answered this already before, but how long have you wandered the lands?"

Beinifien says, "I've called Teras home for the past 10 years or so, but..."

Beinifien ponders.

Beinifien says, "14 or 15 years in total."

You nod.

You softly say, "So some considerable time. You must have seen some changes in that time."

Beinifien says, "That I have."

You softly say, "What hunting style do you opt for.."

Beinifien says, "I originally trained in One handed edged weapons and a shield, and hunted much like a rogue stalking around in the shadows... but I found the two-handed style interesting and adopted that as my fighting style."

You softly say, "Sounds very similar to myself."

You softly ask, "What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Beinifien says, "I love to hunt, so I spend a lot of time doing so, but in my spare time I look for ways to increase the Faendryl presence in this unruly land."

Beinifien says, "Attempting to overthrow governments and such."

Beinifien nods to you.

Beinifien says, "Also putting the occasional Dhe'nari mage or sorcerer in their place."

You softly say, "An anarchist."

Beinifien says, "Not an anarchist per-say. More for one power to rise another must fall."

You softly say, "Natural order of things I'd suggest."

You agree with Beinifien.

Beinifien says, "I would say so."

You softly ask, "Well whilst hunting, as we are on that topic, What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Beinifien says, "Really all of Teras. Each area has it's own unqiue challenges that you must overcome."

Beinifien says, "The village with the sand devil's sand storms and other magical ability like implosion. Pyrohags and the shards."

You softly say, "Was it hard to hunt on Teras when less trained than you are now? I can imagine that is can be very challenging when less training has been undertaken. I speak as one who hunted in Wehnimers for most of my formative years"

Beinifien says, "Teras is challenging which is why I enjoy hunting here. If you don't occasionally die, then you are obviously not doing it right."

Beinifien grins at you.

You softly say, "This next question may be an interesting one - given the years of roaming about the lands  what do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Beinifien says, "Spending my time with my friends."

You smile at Beinifien.

Beinifien says, "And occasionally bringing a caster down a notch or two."

You softly say, "That is always a pleasurable thing."

Beinifien grins at you.

You softly ask, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? This can be current orr someone from your past - if so who and why?"

Beinifien ponders.

Beinifien says, "All races considered. Ardwen for his merchanting prowness, Kriztian when he was here for his chivalery, Malok when he was here for his against the normal mentality, Raggler for putting up with me all these years and Avantos for his general betterment of the lands we live in."

You nod.

You softly say, "Now Ardwen I like very much - always makes me chuckle."

Beinifien says, "He does have a good sense of humor."

You agree with Beinifien.

Speaking softly to Beinifien, you say, "As evidenced at the recent festival - i didn't know how funny he was til then."

Beinifien says, "Thundermin is also a pretty fun guy."

You softly say, "Ahhh great - more names for warrior interviews."

You softly say, "Will tell them you sent me."

Beinifien says, "I will see if I can arrange it."

You softly say, "Ok for the next question...What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Beinifien says, "Finally accomplishing the "Legend status" after 10 years."

You softly say, "That must have been a wonderful feeling."

You grunt, calling for aid!

You softly say, "Ignore that grunt - inappropriate."

You chuckle.
Beinifien grins.
Beinifien says, "Funny thing with that is half the people these days does not even know what the status meant." You agree with Beinifien.

You softly ask, "Conversely, What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?"

Beinifien says, "I am always sad when a good friends leaves us. But you have to wish them the best in their future endeavors. Also, I am glad when an old friend returns. I don't feel there has been any utterly devastating moments. Or if they were, obviously not important in the grand scheme of things."

You softly say, "Indeed - sometimes things can be blown up out of all proportion."

Beinifien says, "OH."

You softly say, "Sounds like you live life on a pretty even keel."

Beinifien says, "I nearly forgot. One of my proudest moments is to be the youngest person to ever hunt Teras that I know of."

You softly ask, "Really?"

Beinifien says, "In the trouble times where these rifts roamed the lands and could spit you out in other parts of the lands I ended up on Teras."

You blink at Beinifien.

Beinifien says, "So, I stumbled into the statue, and some of the locals thought it would be fun to take me hunting. First it was the mines, then it was the village. So at 13, with much assistance I was hunting the village on teras."

Beinifien grins at you.

You grin at Beinifien.

You softly say, "Wow not THAT is youngly trained indeed to be hunting here. It's amazing ye survived."

Beinifien says, "Well because of the 20 training limit I think my record is pretty well secure."

You softly ask, "How many years ago would that have been?"

You softly ask, "About...?"

Beinifien ponders.

Beinifien says, "12 or so."

You nod.

Beinifien says, "Obviously, I came back when I could hunt Kiramon by myself."

You nod to Beinifien.

You softly ask, "Well given the years spent perfecting your art, What advice would you give to a new warrior?" Beinifien says, "In whatever you do, you have to have fun and a balance."

You applaud Beinifien.
You agree with Beinifien.

Beinifien asks, "If you don't have fun, then what's the point?"

You softly say, "Absolutely - for me that is crucial."

You nod to Beinifien.

You softly say, "And lets suggest that someone says to you - here is a blank slate... If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

Beinifien says, "And don't jump in the treehouse."

Beinifien nods to you.
You chuckle at Beinifien.

You softly say, "Oh my ... the treehouse. I forgot about that."

You giggle.
Beinifien smirks.

You softly say, "Those were the days."

Beinifien says, "It might be yours now."

Beinifien says, "But it was orginally.... Rham's? Wexna's father."

Beinifien ponders.

Beinifien says, "If I had to do it over... I would probably not take as many vacations. I am notorious for disappearing for a year here, two years there. It is bloody embarrassing to be 71 after 15 years."

Beinifien chuckles.

You chuckle.

You softly say, "Yes but experience can be measured in so many ways."

Beinifien nods to you.

Beinifien says, "When half the people you ever hunted is on a top of a fame list..."

Beinifien gazes up into the heavens.

You softly say, "Anyway - your last question..."

You softly ask, "Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Beinifien says, "Long live the Faendryl."

Beinifien grins at you.

You snicker.

You softly say, "Well on that truely elven note..."

You grin.
Beinifien grins at you.

You softly say, "I'd like to thank you so much for your time."

Beinifien says, "Not a problem. I enjoyed it."

Beinifien grins at you.

Beinifien says, "You are in charge of making sure I used the common language correctly."

Beinifien nods to you.

You softly say, "I will get my scribes to write up the parchment and will have them posted."

You softly say, "Your common is better than my elvish shall we say."

Beinifien grins at you.
You stand back up.
Beinifien nods to you.
Lord Beinifien's group just went through some swinging doors.

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