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personal - GemStone IV interview with caleanon

Interview with caleanon

Interview held on  Feastday, day 4 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5110.


[Caleanon and Bremerial enter the Mud Baths, Pool on teras Isle]

You sink down into the warm mud and breathe a sigh of contentment.
You lie down into the mud and feel its gooey warmth surround you.
You scoop some mud into your hands.
Caleanon leaps up out of the mud with a slurping sound and comes down in a belly flop that sends mud flying in all directions, coating you.
You slowly knead and roll the mud in your hands until it forms a nice, round mud pie!
Caleanon sinks down into the warm mud.

You softly say, "Messy."

Caleanon adopts an agreeable expression.

Caleanon heartily says, "Jest da way it should be."

You line up your shot and let the mud pie fly!
The mud pie hits Caleanon in the face! Nice shot!
The gooey mud sticks to his face.

You softly say, "Couldn't resist."

You softly say, "Ok there are a number of fixed questions.The idea is to get your perspective on your life as a warrior."

Caleanon flings mud all over you!

Caleanon grins at you.

You softly say, "Ok the first question - what is your full name."

Caleanon heartily says, "Me be Caleanon Adair."

You softly ask, "And do you have any abbreviations you'd prefer - like Cal Calea..oi fish face?"

Caleanon heartily says, "Preferably nae oi fish face, but me'll answer t' jest 'bout anythin'. Folks often be callin' me Cale or Cal."

You softly say, "Cal it is then - slips off the tongue nicely too."

You softly ask, "This question ye nay have to answer - it's not essential. How many times ye seen the trainer?"

Caleanon heartily says, "Me's seen da trainer 61 times now."

Caleanon heartily says, "Still a bit o' a ways t' go."

Caleanon grins.

You softly say, "So the trainer definitely know ye face."

You grin at Caleanon.

Caleanon heartily says, "Unfortunately fer da trainer."

Caleanon nods to you.

You chuckle.

You softly ask, "How long have you wandered the lands?"

Caleanon heartily says, "I have been wandering for two years now. My relatives have been here since just after the iceage.

You softly ask, "What hunting style do you opt for?"

Caleanon removes a ruby-hilted vultite falchion from in his black leather swordbelt.

Caleanon heartily exclaims, "Dis be all me needs!"

You look closely at Caleanon, examining a ruby-hilted vultite falchion. You can tell nothing else about it from here.

Caleanon heartily says, "Sword an' board."

Caleanon put a ruby-hilted vultite falchion in his black leather swordbelt.

You softly say, "Nice."

Caleanon heartily says, "Twere a gift from me wife, too."

You softly say, "Ooo a loving wife."

You nod to Caleanon.
Caleanon agrees with you.

Caleanon heartily exclaims, "One who understands da import o' good weaponry t' us warrior types!"

You softly say, "And some husbands protest that they only get socks from their wives."

You nod to Caleanon.
Caleanon grins at you.
You chuckle.

Caleanon heartily says, "Dey's married da wrong womens den."

You softly ask, "On the issue of hunting ... What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Caleanon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Caleanon heartily says, "Me spends a lotta me time huntin'; when me nae be, it gen'rally be 'cuz da ol' Taskmaster gave me somethin' else t' do."

Caleanon heartily says, "An' when me nae runnin' 'round like a headless cockatrice fer da Adventurer's Guild, me likes t' spend da rest o' me time wit' me lovely wifey, Krystanne, an' me friends."

Caleanon nods to you.

You softly ask, "Do ye often hunt with ye wife?"

Caleanon nods to you.

Caleanon heartily says, "We enjoys huntin' t'gether."

Caleanon heartily says, "Helpin' each other wit' our bounties."

You nod to Caleanon.

You softly say, "Aye I can see how your skills would complement each other."

Caleanon agrees with you.

You softly ask, "What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Caleanon grins.

Caleanon heartily says, "Me really enjoyed huntin' in da Basalt Flats an' dat mine full o' da kiramon."

Caleanon heartily says, "Da Basalt Flats was fun cuz o' da way all dem beasties swarmed all o'er ye, wit' different kindsa fightin' styles."

Caleanon heartily says, "An' kiramon was great cuz whene'er ye squished dose buggies, ye tended t' git a buncha shiny gemses."

You softly say, "I only ever hunted Kiramon in Wehnimers."

You softly say, "They were fun there too."

Caleanon heartily says, "Nowadays, me's enjoyin' da dark palisade an' dat temple where dem soul golems hides out."

Caleanon heartily says, "An' when me in da Landin', me likes doin' battle wit' dem critters made o' stone."

You softly ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Caleanon heartily says, "Me really enjoys da people, most o' all. Spendin' time wit' ol' friends an' meetin' new folks."

Caleanon heartily says, "Makes da towns 'ere worth protectin'."

You softly say, "Indeed."

You agree with Caleanon.

You softly say, "This is an interesting question."

Caleanon gulps.

You softly say, "And can relate to anyone past or present."

You grin.

You softly say, "Don't worry - it's easy, just may require some thought."

You softly ask, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?"

Caleanon chuckles.

Caleanon heartily says, "Me nae knows where t' begin wit' dat one...dere be so many folks past an' present who me admires."

Caleanon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Caleanon heartily says, "From da past, me really admired Tilone. She were a very kind soul always lookin' t' help everyone she could. Dere were many others, too, but her name stands out t' me through da fog in me brain."

You nod to Caleanon.

You softly say, "Well if I am not interrupting any train of thought will pose the next question..."

You softly ask, "What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Caleanon heartily says, "In da present...dere so manys! Yerself included. Dere always been, an' always will be, some folks who be rotten apples, tryin' t' spread ill will around da Lands. But me's always impressed by how many people willin' t' go outta dey's way t' help others."

You softly say, "Ahhh sorry to interrupt."

Caleanon heartily says, "Nae needs t' apologize."

Caleanon smiles at you.

Caleanon heartily says, "Me's jest a bit long winded."

Caleanon heartily says, "Big lungs."

Caleanon nods sagely.

You softly ask, "Ok that last question again.. What has been your best moment in the lands so far?" Caleanon heartily says, "Me best moment in da Lands so far would hafta be bein' surrounded by me's wonderful friends when me an' Krystanne got married."

You softly exclaim, "I knew you'd say that... it was definitely memorable as an invited guest!"

You beam happily at Caleanon!

Caleanon heartily says, "Bein' able t' share dat moment wit' so many people who be important t' us was fantastic."

Caleanon beams happily at you!

Caleanon heartily says, "Me was so glad ye was able t' make it."

Caleanon heartily says, "Given da timin' an' all."

You beam happily at Caleanon!

You softly say, "Ok conversely, what was the worst moment..."

Caleanon chuckles.

Caleanon heartily says, "Dealin' wit' some nae so tolerant folks who enjoyed bein' bullies."

You softly say, "Luckily I don't get to see many of them here."

Caleanon agrees with you.

Caleanon heartily says, "It were in da Landin', durin' a merchant event."

Caleanon heartily says, "Thought dey was entitled t' have what dey wanted when dey wanted it."

You nod to Caleanon.

You softly say, "Look of idiots like that about - they will learn."

You nod slowly.

Caleanon agrees with you.

You softly ask, "Ok imagine that a warrior has wandered from Mule, with the turnip still in his mouth - What advice would you give to a new warrior?"

You softly say, "Oh my..."

You remove a mug of dark Araime ale from in your runed baldric.

You softly say, "I forgot to give you a drink."

You chuckle.

Caleanon heartily exclaims, "Me'd probly tell dem t' think carefully 'bout what style o' fightin' dey wants t' pursue, as it affects yer whole trainin' regime. Me'd also stress da importance o' treatin' others da right way, as it makes dem so much more willin' t' help send ye on yer way. Me'd also say t' work hard at dem Warrior Guild skills, as dey comes in verra handy!"

Caleanon grins at you.

Caleanon has accepted your offer and is now holding a mug of dark Araime ale.

You take a drink from your dark Araime ale. The flavor is roughly as subtle as a mace across the back of the head.
Caleanon tips his head back and empties a mug of dark Araime ale down his gullet!
You nod to Caleanon.

Caleanon heartily says, "Dey e'en helps wit yer drinkin'."

Caleanon winks.

You grin at Caleanon.

You softly say, "It's a wonder ye can talk.. ye must be parched."

Caleanon grins at you.

You softly ask, "If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

The mud on Caleanon's face flakes off into tiny bits which crumble to a fine dust.

Caleanon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Caleanon heartily says, "Methinks perhaps me woulda done some o' me early trainin' a l'il differently, but me's generally happy wit' da way me life's been goin'. Also took me an' embarrassin' amount o' time t' learn about da Adventurer's Guild

You nod to Caleanon.

You softly say, "I didn't know about the guild until years after it was conceived."

You softly say, "And the final question for ye then..."

You softly ask, "Is there anything you want to add to this interview?" Anything you want to say that I haven't touched on?"

Caleanon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Caleanon heartily says, "Me'd jest wanna add dat iff'n any younguns reads da interview an' wants some help, me's always happy t' aid when me can."

You softly say, "Well just leaves me to thank you for taking the time."

Caleanon heartily exclaims, "Me pleasure!"

Caleanon beams happily at you!

You softly say, "And will send a herald to confirm when the interview has been transferred to scroll."

Caleanon heartily says, "Me means it when me says yer one o' da folks me admires most...all da things ye does t' help folks an' keep track o' events."

You beam happily at Caleanon!
You give Caleanon a friendly hug.
Caleanon gives you a friendly hug.

You softly say, "Thank you so much for that."

{{Bremerial and Caleanon leave the mud bath.}}

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