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personal - GemStone IV interview with HIALEAH

Interview with hialeah Sarh'en

Interview held on Leyan, the 22nd day of Imaerasta, in the year 5110.


1: What is your name (required) and training level (not essential)

Hialeah Sarh'en.

2: How long have you wandered the lands?

I have been in this part of the world for about four years. My homeland is the Sea of Fire.

3: What hunting style do you opt for?

I am a blade dancer. Currently I use two katars.

4: What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?.

I spend most of my time hunting so that I may perfect my art. The rest of my time is spend in Solhaven.

5: What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?

Lately I have been hunting the Glacier and I am finding it very enjoyable- other than the cold.

6: What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?

I enjoy becoming the best I can at my skills.

7: Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?

Not that I can think of.

8: What has been your best moment in the lands so far?

When I was finally skilled enough to use my katars.

9: What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?

Shattering a dagger I was fond of.

10: What advice would you give to a new warrior?

Ask others if you have a question and practice.

11: If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?


12: Is there anything you want to add to this interview?


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