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personal - GemStone IV interview with HYPOLITA

Interview with Hypolita Duskfallen

Interview held on Volnes, day 08 of the month Eoantos in the year 5110.


1: What is your name (required) and training level (not essential)

Hypolita Duskfallen, 55 trains

2: How long have you wandered the lands?

Roughly 18 months as this soul, over 14 as others.

3: What hunting style do you opt for?

Depends on the situation!  If I'm hunting living critters on my own, I'll often hide and ambush limbs with my waraxe.  If I hunt with others, I open ambush, sometimes throwing in a hamstring (with a feras tiger-claw, of course!) or a few guild specialties!  Undead get the bottom of my foot

4: What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?.

I tend to hunt quite a bit, but I do try to take some time to spend with friends and loved ones.

5: What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?

I really enjoyed troll kings.. we'd go in there on hunting trips with Ord an Dragan.  Big fun!.

6: What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?

I love being able to bash things to pieces!  It is a great stress reliever.

7: Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?

I admire a few people in the lands, mainly 2.. Ariyanaa and Daefea.  Ariyanaa because she is consistent in her roleplay, and she is one hell of an archer.  Daefea, because she is one of the most hilarious, honest, and helpful people I have come across.  She made me want to be an Amazon.

8: What has been your best moment in the lands so far?

Getting promoted to warrior guildmaster!

9: What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?

When my beloved hunting partner died.. and it was my fault..

10: What advice would you give to a new warrior?

READ.. learn about your skills, and ask others for advice.

11: If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?

Not a thing.

12: Is there anything you want to add to this interview?

This was a wonderful idea!  Your guide was the only helpful guide I could find.  keep it up, Lady Bremerial!

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