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personal - GemStone IV interview with Richaard

Interview with Richaard Zephyr

Interview held on Restday, the 15th day of Lormesta, in the year 5112


[Ferocious Thrak Table]
Wood chairs are pushed haphazardly against the long wooden table. A dagger with a carved bone hilt pins a dried-out apple to the table, providing an interesting centerpiece. A picture of a thrak baring its teeth is drawn in fading paint.
Also here: Richaard
Obvious exits: out

You pull out a chair and seat yourself at the table.
Richaard gazes in wonder at his surroundings.
Richaard pulls out a chair and seats himself at the table.

You say, "Thanks for taking the time."

Richaard says, "Of course."

Richaard smiles.
You remove a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves" from in your pack.
You open a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves".

You say, "And as promised.."

You chuckle.
Richaard chuckles.

You say, "Refreshments."

You remove a mug of hearty dwarven ale from in your keg-shaped kit.

Richaard says, "Have to have those."

You offer your hearty dwarven ale to Richaard.
Richaard has accepted your offer and is now holding a mug of hearty dwarven ale.
Richaard says, "Thank you."

You put a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves" in your pack.

You say, "Most welcome."

You remove a flimsy military tome from in your pack.

You say, "Ok."

As you slowly open your military tome, the binding creaks in protest.

You smile at Richaard.

You say, "Will make some notes as we go along."

You say, "Can you give me your name please."

Richaard says, "Richaard Zephyr."

Richaard smiles.
You nod slowly.
Richaard sniffs at his hearty dwarven ale.

You say, "Excellent - I always worry that one day someone will stumble over the first question."

You grin at Richaard.
Richaard chuckles.

Richaard says, "That's my formal name. B
een called others."

You chuckle at Richaard.

You ask, "Are the other names printabe?"

You blink at Richaard.
You grin at Richaard.

Richaard says, "Probably not."

Richaard smirks.
You cackle at Richaard.

You say, "Then will probably not enquire further."

Richaard adopts an agreeable expression.

You say, "And how many times have you visited the trainer if you don't mind saying."

You listen carefully to Richaard.

Richaard says, "I've met him 31 times since I entered the lands. Will meet him soon again."

You nod at Richaard.

You say, "So clearly not a stranger to the trainer then."

You nod.
Richaard nods.

You ask, "Ok how long have you wandered the lands would you say?"

Richaard ponders.
(Richaard counts on his fingers.)
You grin at Richaard.

You say, "Ahhh a true warrior I see."

. Richaard says, "Around 14 months."

Richaard chuckles.

You say, "Hehe - ok wonderful."

You ask, "So onto hunting...What hunting style do you opt for?"

You say, "Smashing em and squishing em does not count as a hunting style."

Richaard chuckles.

Richaard says, "I was given this sword which is good for both two handed and using a shield."

Richaard removes a massive argent vultite bastard sword etched with arcane symbols on the blade and capped with a heavy pommel from in his silver belt sheath.
Richaard taps a massive argent vultite bastard sword etched with arcane symbols on the blade and capped with a heavy pommel, which is in his left hand.
You beam happily at Richaard!

You say, "That was my method of hunting for many a year."

Richaard says, "But lately, my shield was giving me problems. So I met my trainer to get me going in swinging harder."

Richaard says, "So I got rid of my shield and two-handed is my way."

You beam happily at Richaard!

Richaard says, "I tend to cut critters heads off better this way."

Richaard deftly twirls his vultite bastard sword around his finger and stuffs it in his silver belt sheath. Fancy!

You say, "Now THAT is a great style.."

You remove a battle-marred vultite claidhmore from in your runed baldric.
You wave your vultite claidhmore around.
You put a battle-marred vultite claidhmore in your runed baldric.

Richaard says, "Nice."

You say, "... but I am a tad biased."

You grin.
Richaard chuckles.

You ask, "What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Richaard says, "I did a lot of hunting before I became a citizen of my hometown Icemule. Now it's a little less now that I am an officer of house White Haven. Now I train in the new townsfolk. Showing them around and stuff."

You say, "That's a nobel cause."

You nod at Richaard.

Richaard says, "I still love to hunt. But I don't do it as much."

You say, "In that case..."

You ask, "...What is and - or was- your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Richaard says, "Because I do a lot of traveling on the trail between Icemule and the Landing, I guess I'd pick that."

Richaard says, "Some critters are still above my training, so I get in a challenge or two."

You say, "You are the first person to have selected that area..."

You say, "I think that is a forgotten area for hunting."

Richaard says, "I tend to run into many things on that trail too, such as bandits."

Richaard chuckles.

You chuckle.

You ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Richaard says, "I would say the accompany of others. Oh, and that the deputy must like me in Icemule... if you want to hear a small story."

You say, "Oh please."

You nod at Richaard.

Richaard asks, "You aware of the thief Klepta?".

You say, "Oh indeed - who is not."

Richaard chuckles.
You grin.

Richaard says, "Well, she tried to stick her hands in my breeches... and well, not that if I wasn't aware of first and would have liked it. She did get a few coins. So right in town center, I sliced her up." You say, " occupational hazard for that teef I have no doubt."

You nod slowly.
Richaard chuckles.

Richaard says, "So I went into hiding."

Richaard says, "But after a few minutes, I decided to take my punishment."

Richaard says, "Came out of hiding and continued to talk to my friends in town center."

Richaard says, "Hours went by and no deputy."

Richaard says, "It happened again a couple weeks later."

Richaard says, "Same routine."

Richaard says, "No deputy."

You say, "Interesting..."

Richaard says, "I think he doesn't like Klepta either."

Richaard chuckles.

You chuckle.

You say, "Just goes to show.."

Richaard says, "So that is a memorable moment too."

You say, "Sometimes the law does make sense."

Richaard says, "Klepta even accused."

Richaard says, "And nothing."

Richaard cackles!

You ask, "Well if you categorise that as your most memorable moment - and I can see why... What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?" You nod at Richaard.

Richaard says, "I guess the worst was trying to help new townsfolk and getting shunned for it. I guess some folks didn't like this other person. I wasn't aware of anything and they thought I was helping a bad person."

Richaard shrugs.

Richaard says, "Never saw this person do anything to turn against him. He asked for my help, so I helped. And others gawked at me."

You say, "Well then... let me ask you this..."

You say, "What advice would you give to a new warrior if you were meeting them..."

Richaard says, "I would tell them to be themselves. Don't let others tell you how you should be. Just don't be a rolton."

Richaard chuckles.

You say, "Hehe."

You say, "Good advice... each person should listen but the path should be their own."

You agree with Richaard.
Richaard adopts an agreeable expression.

You ask, "So, If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

Richaard says, "I don't think I would change anything. I've liked what I've done and whom I have been. Even if others don't or haven't."

Richaard smiles.
You beam happily at Richaard!

You say, "That's a good attitude to have if you don't mind me saying so."

You smile at Richaard.

Richaard says, "Thanks."

You happily say, "And finally..."

You happily ask, "Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Richaard says, "Only that is was a pleasure and hope other warriors step up to give their time in sharing who they are and all that other good stuff."

Richaard smiles.

You beam happily at Richaard!
You warmly say, "Thank you.. then all that remains is for me to thank you very much for taking the time."

Richaard smiles.

Richaard says, "Thank you for allowing me to share my knowledge."

You say, "And I will let you know when your words have been formally transcribed - and their location of course."

Richaard nods.

Richaard says, "Oh, and thanks for the ale."

Richaard raises his hearty dwarven ale in a toast!

Richaard takes a drink from his hearty dwarven ale.

You amusedly say, "And most welcome for the ale... best way I know to get a warrior talking."

You grin at Richaard.
Richaard chuckles.
You turn to Richaard and cheer!
Richaard says, "Good stuff."
Richaard nods.
Richaard scoots his chair back and stands up.
You scoot your chair back and stand up.
Richaard bows to you.
You shake hands with Richaard.
You mime raising a glass and give a toast to Richaard's health.

Speaking to you, Richaard says, "Enjoy the rest of your evening."

You put a flimsy military tome in your pack.

You say, "You too."

You say, "Stay safe."

You wave to Richaard.
Richaard waves.
Richaard just went out.

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