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personal - GemStone IV interview with Umbraxus

Interview with Umbraxus

Interview held on Feastday, day 1 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5112.


You pull out a chair and seat yourself at the table.
You remove a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves" from in your pack.

Umbraxus asks, "Reserves?"

You giggle.
Umbraxus has accepted your offer and is now holding a pint of smooth dark ale.

Umbraxus says, "It goes off."

You say, "Never wanna run out."

Umbraxus takes a drink from his smooth dark ale.
You cackle!

Umbraxus says, "So then."

You say, "Thanks for taking the time."

Umbraxus smiles at you.

Umbraxus says, "Ain' no trouble. I got at least forty good years left ta me. I figure I can give ya a few minutes of 'em."

You cackle!

Umbraxus says, "Seein' as ya gave me a few minutes of yers."

You say, "This is the first question. What's your full name?"

You take a drink from your ante-up ale.
Umbraxus says, "Umbraxus. Ain' got no surname. Guess I ain' sur enough."

You say, "And how many times have you visited the trainer?."

Umbraxus says, "Oh, nearly twenty five now."

You say, "So not a stranger to him then."

Umbraxus says, "I could stand ta get ta know 'im better."

Umbraxus flashes a wide grin.

You say, "As could we all."

You try hard not to grin.

You say, "Ok question two. How long have you wandered the lands."

Umbraxus scratches his chin.

Umbraxus says, "Welp, I left home 'bout a year ago or so."

Umbraxus says, "Give 'er take."

You nod.

You ask, "What hunting style do you opt for?"

You say, "I think I know the answer."

Umbraxus says, "The kind that gets them dead, and gets me not."

You say, "Perfect hunting style."

You giggle.

Umbraxus says, "But fer a more direct answer, I like usin' my fists an' a big big sword."

You ask, "Ok then - What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Umbraxus says, "Oh... I spend some of my time huntin'. I ain' never really counted. I prolly spend jes about as much time talkin' ta folks an' hopin' ta meet a nice lady."

You ask, "What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Umbraxus takes a drink from his smooth dark ale.

Umbraxus says, "I ain' really enjoyed any of 'em. But, a jobs a job, an work keeps me fed."

You cackle!

You exclaim, "A working warrior!"

Umbraxus asks, "Is there any other kind?"

You say, "A drinking warrior."

You grin.

Umbraxus says, "Well, that warriors fightin' a different battle."

Umbraxus says, "His huntin' ground is in his 'er her head."

Umbraxus nods to you.
You chuckle.

You say, "That's the truth of the matter."

You nod slowly.

Umbraxus says, "My momma used ta say if ya drink enough ta forget why ya was drinkin', yer liable ta just be dumb enough ta forget ta stop too."

You grin.

You ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Umbraxus says, "Hmmm... I think it's gotta be some of tha folks I've met. Tha promise that anythin' could happen an' I ain' gotta clue what it'll be."

You nod.

You ask, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?"

Umbraxus ponders.

Umbraxus says, "I think them empath folks are pretty admirable. They seem ta like gettin' beat up more'n I do."

You say, "They are pretty selfless."

You nod.
Umbraxus adopts an agreeable expression.

Umbraxus says, "Yep. I try not ta bother 'em fer tha little stuff."

You ask, "What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Umbraxus scratches his chin.
Umbraxus takes a drink from his smooth dark ale.

Umbraxus says, "Hmmm."

You take a drink from your ante-up ale.

Umbraxus says, "I dunno. I don' much focus on the past, or tha future. I live in the moment, ya know? So, every moment is the best, er at least I try ta find it ta be that way."

You nod at Umbraxus.

You say, "Good way to live."

Umbraxus says, "Keeps me outta trouble with myself."

You say, "Good philosophy on life."

Umbraxus says, "Thank my momma fer that'n too."

Umbraxus flashes a wide grin.

You say, "You may or may not have answered this question with your last answer but will ask it anyway.

What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?"

Umbraxus says, "Yeah, I pretty much would say the same thing... course I could add in any time I happen ta get killed. Those moments are always pretty rough."

You cackle!

Umbraxus asks, "Never know if it's gonna be tha last... ya know?"

You say, "I agree with that for myself."

Umbraxus exclaims, "All the more reason ta enjoy every moment ya can!"

Umbraxus raises his smooth dark ale in a toast!

You ask, "Ok then - What advice would you give to a new warrior?"

Umbraxus says, "Hmmm..."

Umbraxus scratches his chin.

Umbraxus says, "Aside from aim high on ze tinies, an' low on ze biggies? Prolly ta jes ta remember that ya can do it alone if ya want, but yer better off with some friends."

You agree with Umbraxus.

You say, "Friends are important."

Umbraxus says, "They kin help ya up when ya fall down, an ya will."

You say, "Well you are just starting out on your life's journey relatively speaking.. but If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

You ask, "Would you alter the course you have taken?"

Umbraxus says, "Well, I ain' much for regrets... an' I figure if I think on that kinda thing too much, I'm liable ta break my own rules about worryin' on the past, or tha future."

Umbraxus says, "So, nope. I'm jes content as it is."

You say, "So last question and its a general one. Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Umbraxus looks lost in thought.

Umbraxus says, "Always listen to yer momma. She gave ya life, an' she sure as hell knows a lot more about it than you do."

You thunderously say, "I agree with that sentiment whole heartedly."

You say, "Well that concludes the interview."

You say, "Thanks for your time."

Umbraxus says, "I wasn' countin', but sounds like it went well. An' like I said. Least I could do, since ya spared some of yer own fer me.

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