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personal - GemStone IV interview with Davean

Interview with Daevan Loxdan

Interview held on Day of the Huntress, day 30 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5111


Davean bows to you.
You turn to Davean and cheer!
Davean pulls out a chair and seats himself at the table.

You say, "Thanks for taking the time."

You pull out a chair and seat yourself at the table.

Davean says, "No problem."

Davean smiles.

Davean asks, "What yer interviewin fer?"

You say, "Just to explain - it's a set of fixed questions - and the responses are recorded and documented."

Davean nods.

You say, "They are published and retained for posterity."

You smile at Davean.

You say, "You are interviewee 36."

You say, "Will make a start and not take up too much of ye time."

You smile at Davean.

Davean smiles.

You say, "Oh one second though - one important element."

You remove a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves" from in your pack.
You open a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves".
You remove a mug of dark Araime ale from in your keg-shaped kit.
You offer your dark Araime ale to Davean.
Davean has accepted your offer and is now holding a mug of dark Araime ale.
Davean lets out a cheer!
You let out a cheer!
You remove a mug of dark Araime ale from in your keg-shaped kit.
Davean takes a drink from his dark Araime ale.
You put a miniature keg-shaped kit stamped with the word "Reserves" in your pack.

You remove a flimsy military tome from in your pack.

You say, "Ok."

As you slowly open your military tome, the binding creaks in protest.

Davean says, "Cant be talkin too long without ale fer sure."

You agree with Davean.

You exclaim, "Well said!"

Davean chuckles.
You giggle.
You raise your dark Araime ale in a toast!

You say, "First question -"

You say, "So what is your full name."

Davean says, "Davean Loxdan."

You nod.

You say, "And how many times have you visited the trainer - there is not requirement to answer this question is you nay want to."

Davean ponders.

You say, "Some people see it as almost asking a woman her age."

You say, "A personal thing."

Davean says, "Quite a few times I guess, around 91 I thinkin."

You say, "Oh so definitely not a stranger to the trainer."

You nod at Davean.
You take a drink from your dark Araime ale.
You glance at the military tome in your hand.

You ask, "How long have you wandered the lands?"

You ask, "How many seasons would you say?"

Davean says, "I began jus after the discovery of IceMule, but took a journeyy away for a few years."

You nod at Davean.

You say, "I quite like Icemule - a straight forward place."

You nod at Davean.
Davean grins.
Davean adopts an agreeable expression.

You glance at the military tome in your hand.

You ask, "What hunting style do you opt for?"

Davean says, "I made my own sword, bastard sword base. So mostly with a shield, but the occasional two handed."

Davean says, "I am also in voln and tend to use voln fu a lot when huntin undead."

Davean says, "When i goofin roun I will brawl a bit."

You say, "Love brawling."

Davean says, "Is fun to disarm a critter and beat em with there own weapon."

Davean chuckles.
You grin.

You say, "There is a sort of justice in that."

You grin.

You ask, "What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Davean says, "Well, I sepnd most of my time tryin to help others. So, ifin that in yer definition of huntin, then most of my time."

Davean says, "Although rarely do I hunt for experience."

You say, "Aye - that counts as hunting."

You nod at Davean.

Davean says, "Otherwise I roam roun aimlessly lookin fer interestin people or places to see."

You say, "So diverse experiences."

Davean says, "So bout 70% huntin I suppose."

You ask, "What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

You say, "This can be anywhere - for me dirges always had fond memories from my youth."

Davean says, "From years past it was ghoul masters, we had swarms so thick ya couldnt see the man next to ya. Once got buried in junk and coulnd t hardly swing anymore."

Davean chuckles.
You giggle.
You say, "Gosh I remember that."

You whistle tunelessly to yourself, remembering days past.

Davean says, "Area is not the same these days though."

You say, "Not been there recently."

You say, "I may revisit for old time sake."

Davean nods to you.
You grin at Davean.

Davean says, "This new island has been fun, so I do hope it stays accesible."

You ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Davean says, "As I help others I revist many memories, and learn from them how they approach the lands and interact with others."

You happily say, "I think I need to do that more."

You say, "Well the next question is an interesting one."

You ask, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?"

Davean says, "There are many, but one stands out in my mind right now."

You listen carefully to Davean.

Davean says, "Svardin, he leads the Drakes and selflessly gives his time to so many others."

You say, "I know the name but not the person."

You nod slowly.

Davean says, "He is a rogue."

Davean says, "But I like him anyway."

Davean ducks his head.
Davean chuckles.
You smirk.
You cackle!
You say, "Well no accounting for taste."

You stare at nothing in particular.
You giggle.
Davean grins.

You ask, "What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Davean says, "No way for me to pick jus one..."

Davean says, "I stay in the lands cause there be moments big and small at any time."

Davean says, "When those mments stop, I will prolly retire."

You say, "Well that's fine - having a series of experiences that add to overall enjoyment is a great thing."

You nod at Davean.

You raise your dark Araime ale in a toast!

You take a drink from your dark Araime ale.

You say, "I'll drink to that."

Davean says, "I set many goals over time and have achieved many, so those accomplishments have been nice."

Davean takes a drink from his dark Araime ale.

You say, "Well conversely then..."

> You ask, "What has been your worst moment in the lands so far?"

You ask, "Is there any one that sticks out?"

Davean says, "There are those few moments when a person is not so friendly or is downright vindictive. I have held a couple people with a cold demeanor."

You nod at Davean.

You say, "That I totally understand."

You say, "I try to treat everyone with respect."

Davean adopts an agreeable expression.

You say, "And let me tell you... it aint always easy."

You try hard not to grin.

Davean says, "I find it disheartening when people criticize my offers to help others."

You blink at Davean.

You ask, "Why would they criticise that?"

Davean says, "Have had a few mock it."

You roll your eyes.

You say, "Some people are - and sorry for the strength of comment - idiots."

Davean grins.

You say, "Criticising disruptive behaviour I understand."

You say, "But when assistance is freely offered, criticism is misplaced."

Davean says, "Have had once someone posted how ugly they thought my sword was."

Davean chuckles.
Davean removes a perfect tempered steel warsword with a veil iron-inlaid blade and hilt capped by an onyx oblate spheroid pommel from in his veniom-threaded sword-belt.
Davean says, "Many others agreed."

Davean says, "But it was mine and I liked it."

Davean chuckles.

You say, "Bah - I ignore idiots who follow rolton like down a path of boring so called normality."

You say, "Roltons I say."

You say, "Baaa."

Davean grins.

You say, "Baaa."

You say, "You stick to your individuality Davean."

Davean says, "Ohhh, that reminds me of a weapon I once had."

Davean says, "Had a really neat scripted whip."

Davean says, "Perfect for linin up them roltons."

Davean laughs!

You ask, "Still got it?"

You raise an eyebrow in Davean's direction.
You take a drink from your dark Araime ale.

Davean says, "When I left the lands for my adventure, I gave all of my possessions and coins away."

You furrow up your face and wince.

Davean says, "So I started from scratch when I returned."

You say, "My grandmother did the same."

You say, "Luckily her peers took pity on her grandaughter so I got a helping hand when I was born."

You say, "But that is my biggest regret I think."

Davean nods.

Davean says, "I have been blessed these years I have been back."

You say, "Ok, given your many many 1-2-1's with the trainer.."

You grin at Davean.

> You ask, "What advice would you give to a new warrior?"

Davean says, "Start simple, experiment a lot, and don't get fancy stuff until after yer 60th train."

Davean grins.

You say, "Hehe - I suspect that is going to be a stuggle for many whose eyes are larger than their bank balances."

Davean says, "I bonded to a weapon, then changed and bonded to this one. It took forever."

You say, "As did I."

Davean chuckles.

You say, "Ok penultimate question."

You ask, "If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

Davean exclaims, "Of course!"

Davean chuckles.
You chuckle.

Davean says, "I would have played around more, and seen more along the way."

Davean says, "I tended to have been to focused on goals."

You nod at Davean.

Davean says, "I missed a lot of parties and such."

You say, "You're not alone there."

You nod at Davean.

Davean takes a drink from his dark Araime ale.

You say, "Perhaps there is a moral there for us all."

Davean adopts an agreeable expression.

You say, "Planning for the future should not be at the expense of enjoying the now."

Davean exclaims, "Aye!"

You say, "Last question."

You ask, "Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

Davean says, "My personal quote..."

Davean exclaims, "Strike fast, strike true... just don't strike me, whatever you do!"

You turn to Davean and cheer!
You grin.
Davean scoots his chair back and stands up.
Davean bows to you.

Davean says, "Thank you for the chat."

You say, "Thanks for ye time."

Davean says, "And the ale."

Davean raises his dark Araime ale in a toast!

You say, "I know ye have to go."

You say, "Appreciate the time taken."

Davean waves.
You wave.

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