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personal - GemStone IV interview with SNOWROK

Interview with Snowrok

Interview held on  Restday, day 12 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5110.


Speaking to you, Snowrok asks, "I heard ye wanted to interview me?"

You beam happily at Snowrok!

You softly ask, "Ye got time now?"

Snowrok says, "Sure."

You softly ask, "Or just want details?"

Snowrok whispers, "Well lets have details first."

You softly say, "Basically I am recording interviews with warriors. The idea is to ask 13 set questions. And to record the responses that are then published on scrolls."

Snowrok asks, "Shall we get a table?"

You softly say, "Sure."

go table
You and your group head over to the Card Playing Thraks Table.

Snowrok pulls out a chair and seats himself at the table.
You pull out a chair and seat yourself at the table.
Snowrok takes an embossed vaalorn helm off his head.

You softly say, "Thanks for taking the time."

Snowrok put an embossed vaalorn helm in his bearskin pack.
Snowrok removes a braided brown leather hair tie from in his dark grey battle-cloak.

You softly say, "The questions are not complicated."

Snowrok places a braided brown leather hair tie in his hair.
Snowrok pulls back his steel grey hair into a very long ponytail and ties it with his leather hair tie.

You softly say, "And the reason for the same questions is to have some consistency."

Snowrok peers into the mirror, looking closely at his reflection.
You smile at Snowrok.

Snowrok says, "Very well, I understand."

You softly say, "I suppose the first obvious question is your full name."

You remove some stale ale from in your ancient pack.

You softly say, "Not the best ale but hopefully thirst quenching."

Snowrok says, "I am Snowrok Featherstroke, Lord warrior of the T'Kirem tribe, of the Clan Featherstroke."

Snowrok taps an ancient highland battle kilt that he is wearing.

Snowrok shows you an ancient highland battle kilt, which he is wearing. You see an ancestral handwoven highlander battle-kilt of the Clan Featherstroke. The ancient plaid, composed of the finest strands of green, grey, and red tartan, is expertly pleated and held together with the aid of several minature hawk talon clasps that flash in the light. The Featherstroke insignia of a golden warhawk, its talons proudly displaying a crossed red feather and gleaming longsword is expertly embroidered into the unpleated tartan that rests loosely over one shoulder.

You softly say, "Ahhh - excellent - most impressive."

You take a drink from your stale ale. Watery and thin, the taste is barely discernable.

You softly say, "And this is the only question that I tell interviewees that they need not answer if they nay wish."

Snowrok removes a small wooden box from in his deerskin sporran.
Snowrok gets a match from a small wooden box.
Snowrok put a small wooden box in his deerskin sporran.
Snowrok lights a match by flicking it against his thumb.
Snowrok removes a slender aromatic cigar from in his dark grey battle-cloak.
Snowrok inhales deeply on his cigar as he lights it. The area fills with a smooth silky sandalwood smoke.
Snowrok drops a burning match. The burning match goes out, disappearing in a small puff of smoke.

You softly say, "How many times have ye visited the trainer."

Snowrok says, "I have trained 83 times."

You nod.

You softly say, "So you are no stranger to the trainer."

Snowrok says, "Well, he thinks I'm strange, but yes I've visited him many times."

You grin at Snowrok.

Snowrok puffs slowly from his cigar.

You softly ask, "And how many years have you wandered the lands?"

Holding the aromatic cigar poised between his fingers, Snowrok uses his thumb to tilt the tip of it toward himself, inspecting it for a moment.

Snowrok says, "O, I have perhaps been in these lands 4 moons, but my family, my father, and his for 12."

Snowrok says, "Our families perhaps have crossed paths no doubt."

You softly say, "Indeed."

Speaking softly to Snowrok, you ask, "What hunting style do you opt for?"

Snowrok asks, "Style?"

You softly say, "What to you prefer aye."

Snowrok says, "Well,I am a T' a shield is not honorable. Twohanded weapons are my choice."

Snowrok removes an ancient silver-bladed bastard-sword from in his tribal weapon sling.

Snowrok shows you an ancient silver-bladed bastard-sword, which he is holding in his left hand. This weapon appears to have been made by a master craftsman trained in techniques passed down from various generations. The oversized blade is hand-forged and tempered to a battle-ready state with satin finished steel. The stitched black leather grip, which is molded to the hardwood base, combines with the diamond inset cross-section to balance the blade very well. Carefully engraved alongside the top of the blade are the words, "White Rain" the meaning of which is long lost in the history of the blade. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

You softly say, "A great weapon indeed."

Snowrok says, "This is my favorite."

Snowrok put an ancient silver-bladed bastard-sword in his tribal weapon sling.

You softly ask, "You use others?"

Snowrok chuckles.

Snowrok removes an ancient T'Kirem battle katana from in his tribal weapon sling.

Snowrok shows you an ancient T'Kirem battle katana, which he is holding in his left hand. Forged from vultite, the origin of the katana is unclear. The katana has a small picture etched in the blade with some words below it. The engraved image is of a giantman warrior wrestling bare-handed with a bear. The etched words below it read, "T'Kirem Bear Clan."

You grin.
You nod.
Snowrok put an ancient T'Kirem battle katana in his tribal weapon sling.
Snowrok removes an ancient vaalorn battle axe from in his tribal weapon sling. Snowrok put an ancient vaalorn battle axe in his tribal weapon sling. You chuckle.
Snowrok removes a vultite twohanded sword from in his bearskin pack.
Snowrok put a vultite twohanded sword in his bearskin pack.
Snowrok grins.
You chuckle at Snowrok.

You softly say, "Well that answers my question i think."

Snowrok says, "And at the moment I am only wearing one harness."

You softly say, "Wow - you will never be lost for a weapon. Always one to hand - such is the benefit of size and strength also."

You nod to Snowrok.

You softly say, "And proficiency."

You softly say, "On the question of hunting..."

Speaking softly to Snowrok, you ask, "What percentage of your time do you spend hunting? How do you spend your other time?"

Snowrok says, "70 percent hunting,the other time i spend with my duties as huntmaster of the Blackwolves."

Snowrok says, "I lead hunts for younger adventurers. And I participate in Blackwolf events."

Holding the aromatic cigar poised between his fingers, Snowrok uses his thumb to tilt the tip of it toward himself, inspecting it for a moment.

Snowrok says, "And just generally hanging out with those I've come to know over the years."

Speaking interestedly to Snowrok, you ask, "Are there many such events?"

Snowrok says, "Aye every night but Friday and Saturday unless it's a special event like a fishing tourney or such. We do free spellups, armor enhancement, loresinging, healing, locksmithing every night."

You softly ask, "Are the events open to all?"

Snowrok says, "Aye, everyone is welcome."

Snowrok taps an ancient Black Wolf armband that he is wearing.

You softly say, "Sounds like something I should attend one day.."

Snowrok says, "Aye Thursdays one east of the pawnshop we have an open meeting."

Speaking softly to Snowrok, you ask, "Continuing on the hunting theme.. What is and/or was your most enjoyable hunting area and why?"

Snowrok says, "Most enjoyable.....well that would have to be the Citadel in Rivers Rest...I am Voln and hunt the undead...the Citadel is all undead and the swarms never end. I would hunt there and never return to town, lest for healin'."

Smooth silky sandalwood smoke curls up from the cigar in Snowrok's hand.

Snowrok says, "But as a warrior i have all the herbs and knowledge to heal myself that I require. So manytimes I'd stay for days."

Snowrok says, "I do admit I do favor Old Town, in the nations."

Speaking cautiously to Snowrok, you say, "Any reason for favoring that town? Not somewhere I have hunted as yet, tending to perfer the Isle.

Snowrok asks, "Old Town?"

You nod to Snowrok.

Snowrok says, "Aye...100 train critters."

Snowrok winks.
You nod to Snowrok.

Speaking inquisitively to Snowrok, you ask, "What do you enjoy most about your time in the lands?"

Snowrok says, "This is going to sound so corny, but all the other folk I know and the new ones I meet, being able to learn others personalities and play off them."

You softly say, "That does not sound corny at all... it is in keeping with the feelings expressed by others."

A gruff voice calls out, "After his final raffle, Felthrop will be working on a variety of things to close out his stay for Frontier Days. His wagon is on North Ring Road."

Snowrok says, "Felthrop..."

You softly ask, "Have you entered that raffle?"

Snowrok nods.

Snowrok says, "I have already."

Snowrok says, "No hurry for me."

You nod.

You softly say, "Given ye time in the lands..."

Speaking seriously to Snowrok, you ask, "Is there anyone within the lands that you admire? (Any profession) Who and why?"

You softly say, "Past or present."

Snowrok says, "Well, those from the past aye...because I was so young and they seemed like gods in particular was a wizard surprisingly who is still around..Crylone."

You nod slowly.

Snowrok says, "Another has passed on sadly, and the reason I joined the Blackwolves..Primum."

You softly say, "I know of the name but not of the person."

You nod to Snowrok.

Snowrok says, "Primum Defendere. We built him a statue, I'll show it to you"

You softly say, "Please."

You nod to Snowrok.

You take a drink from your stale ale. It has been diluted beyond recognition.

You softly say, "This is always an interesting question. What has been your best moment in the lands so far?"

Snowrok says, "Best moment..."

Snowrok says, "You know has to be when I was bale to purchase my first 8x weapon."

Snowrok says, "Sounds trite, but I am a warrior."

You softly say, "That is not trite for a warrior."

Snowrok says, "Of course, you would understand."

You softly say, "That's a momentous occasion."

You agree with Snowrok.

Snowrok smiles at you.

You softly ask, "Conversely what's been your worst moment?"

Snowrok says, "Long time ago, had a favorite weapon, and a Shan warrior disarmed me and then they killed me, no one came for me for so long I departed and never found it."

Snowrok says, "But honestly, I don't have bad moments anymore."

Snowrok says, "If I lose something, well I've learned to move on."

Snowrok says, "I can replace anything, except for my friends.

Speaking softly to Snowrok, you say, "Lost a 10x tower shield the same way to the same opponents."

" Snowrok says, "Ouch."

Speaking softly to Snowrok, you say, "I confess it took me a long time to move on."

You softly say, "And long long time."

You grin.

You softly say, "But your attitude is one I tend to adopt these days."

Snowrok says, "Well, that comes from being around so long, and from being wealthier than I was back in the day."

You clearly ask, "So...What advice would you give to a new warrior?"

Snowrok says, "To take the path that makes the most sense to them, to heed advice from others, but treat it as that and not as instruction. Learn other skills that may not be physical as we warriors certainly are."

You nod to Snowrok.

Snowrok says, "I for instance have learned to share mana."

Snowrok says, "Lots of mana."

Snowrok says, "When I hunt in groups with those that use mana, I can supply them with enough to keep them at battle strength. When I need spells, everyone know that I can replace mana if needed. And spells are something a shieldless warrior doesn't mind having."

Snowrok grins.

You softly say, "I am certain that warriors can learn from that..."

Snowrok says, "And even when I don';t need spells, sharing mana is my way of givong back to those that so willingly share with me."

You softly say, "I like the idea of sharing with others."

Snowrok says, "When My Blackwolves have spellups I keep all the casters full."

You softly say, "It is a great philosophy."

Snowrok says, "You should come to one of our spellups."

Snowrok says, "You'll be amazed."

Snowrok says, "The whole town comes to get spells."

Snowrok says, "Almost."

Snowrok smiles.

Speaking softly to Snowrok, you say, "Ye know.. I think i will - I don't get to Wehnimers as often as i might like but I think I will try to come when it coincides with your spellup days."

You nod to Snowrok.

Snowrok says, "Monday, we spellup before I lead my hunt."

You nod.

You softly ask, "Ok penultimate question: If you had to do it all again, knowing what you now know, would you do anything differently?"

Snowrok says, "I'd have to say no, except maybe tried harder to keep pa in the lands.."

You softly say, "Hard to do that when someone is determined to go alas."

Snowrok says, "But I am almost his image anyway."

Snowrok says, "And was his time to go."

You softly say, "Ok final question."

You softly ask, "Is there anything you want to add to this interview?"

You softly ask, "Anything you might want to say that the questions did not allow you to?"

Leaning back, Snowrok squints his eyes against the curtain of smoke the cigar is forming around him.

You take a drink from your rich dwarven ale. A faint, but undeniable sweetness lingers within the robust porter, mingling with a strong hops character that balances nicely with its maltiness.

Snowrok says, "I don't think so, except I've enjoyed it, and out time together..the last time I saw you was on the Isle for my friends wedding and you showed me about the temple. That was fun."

You grin.

You softly say, "All that is left to say then is thank you for your time."

Snowrok says, "You are most was my pleasure."

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